Junaid Jamshed teams up with Native Deen to produce the hit song “Subhanallah” 
Copyright Native Deen


Subhannallah, (Glory be to God)
Alhamdilillah, (Praise be to God)
Lailllaha illallahu Akbar (There is only one God the most great)

At times I feel that the sun is hidden by a hazy sky
And the lights around me hide the moon at night
I know that you are closer than the veins that keep me living
Cause all around me I feel your mercy

Every now and then we need, just a little time to breath 
To appreciate the trees, the swaying leaves as they wave to me 
Now I need your guiding light, guide me like the stars at night 
Guide through the storms of life, guide me till the day I die 

Now I’m caught inside a sea of flashing lights 
A storm that blinds us all from wrong and right 
And the trials of life seem like the mountains high 
But His light above it all, is worth the climb 

Oh Allah, my lord supreme, how easily you speak to me 
Be it the sun’s evening glare, or the sweetness of the summer’s air 
And only you know how this inspires me 
And for the rest of my days, true to you all always be.

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